Lucy Lives: A Novel Look At Early Human Evolution by Mark A. Weaver


Author Mark A. Weaver is an architect by profession, a student of evolution, fossils, and paleoanthropology by passion, and a writer by default. On a cold night in 2009, he was having a deep philosophical discussion with his wife, Deana, when she made the innocent suggestion that perhaps writing a story about Lucy would be a good way of explaining (and learning more about) evolution. He thought it was a terrific idea and got to work. 

Researching, writing, and editing for more than five years, Mr. Weaver has finally completed what turned out to be a colossal endeavor—telling Lucy’s story in a fictional yet factual fashion. The book is available for purchase as a Kindle Ebook, or as a paperback, at “Part One: Revelation,” “Part Two: Revolution,” and “Part Three: Life And Death” are also available as individual Kindle Ebooks.

Mark is now busy writing his next book about early hominin evolution. This story is about three different species: Australopithecus africanus, Paranthropus aethiopicus, and Homo habilis, which coexisted about a million years after Lucy. As in "Lucy Lives," the main characters are based on actual fossils. See the NEW Book page for more info and an early excerpt.

The author, something of a fossil himself.

The most complete skull of Australopithecus afarensis found to date.

Lucy's skeleton as it is often displayed.