Illustrated by
Georgia P. Weaver


The story of Lucy continues in “Part Three: Life and Death.” 

By hunting grazers and providing meat for the group, Lucy and Gus are able to gain social status but make enemies of the group’s leaders. When one of those leaders brutally attacks her, Lucy is terrified for the safety of her new baby, and conceives a plan to flee the group and found a new one based on the principles of love and fairness that attracted her to Gus and their small circle of friends. But circumstances delay the emigrants’ departure, and Lucy must face an ultimate confrontation with the two evil walkers from whom she was trying to escape. She is determined to live in the group she has dreamed of, but it may come at a heavy price. 

Part Three parenthetica investigate reproductive strategies, aggression and war, cannibalism, other famous Australopithecus afarensis fossils, the process of fossilization itself, scientific dating, microevolution and macroevolution, and a correlation of the adaptations and root causes that led to the evolution of Homo sapiens.

“Lucy Lives: A Novel Look At Early Human Evolution,” is now available in full in both Kindle Ebook and paperback formats.

Lucy Lives: A Novel Look At Early Human Evolution by Mark A. Weaver