Lucy Lives: A Novel Look At Early Human Evolution by Mark A. Weaver

Illustrated by
Georgia P. Weaver


The story of Lucy, the Australopithecus afarensis who lived over three million years ago, continues. “Part Two: Revolution,” now available at, picks up the story as Lucy puts her newfound skill to use, providing a practical application for Gus’s dreams of hunting. When they share the meat with the group, Gus and his two friends are grudgingly accepted as members by the dominant male and his domineering mother.

Continuing to supply meat, Lucy and Gus begin to rise in the group’s hierarchy, until Gus challenges the leader over his exclusive rights to the females, thus earning the animosity of the group’s most powerful members. When Lucy uses her unique skill to defend the group from a predator, she becomes a hero—and makes true enemies of the group leaders in the process.

Each chapter is again followed by a short essay called a Parentheticus, considering such diverse subjects as morality, leadership, empathy, symbolic thinking, the African rift, even backaches and the beginnings of the loss of hominid fur, all of which may have affected Lucy in one way or another.

“Part Three: Life And Death” is now available at